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What is Data Foresight

Data Flowing at all levels and cross applications calls for multiple layer of security controls to be in place for effective data security. With Personal data protection at a rise and heart of the privacy and regulations, it is to be ensured that solutions should be in place for dealing with regulations and security of personal data, Data Foresight.

Four Stages of Data Foresight

Discover your sensitive data

Patch your sensitive data

Block your websites to prevent data leakages

restrict file transfer to emails and other websites

Discover your sensitive data

Discovering sensitive data is an important step in data protection and privacy, and should be a regular part of an organization’s data security strategy. Discover sensitive data refers to the process of identifying and locating data that contains sensitive information.

Patch your sensitive data

“Patch your sensitive data” is not a common phrase in the context of data security. However, “patching” typically refers to the process of updating software or systems to fix known vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers.

Block websites to prevent data leakages

Blocking websites is one method that can be used to prevent data leakages and unauthorized access to sensitive information. This approach involves implementing controls that prevent users from accessing websites that are known to be sources of security threats or where sensitive data could be leaked.

restrict file transfer to emails and other websites

Restricting file transfers to emails and other websites is an important security measure that can help prevent data loss, data leaks, and other security breaches. There are several ways to restrict file transfer to emails and other websites

Data Security

Evolution of technology has led concerns for securing digital personal data in the cyberspace. Threat actors are always trying to harness the digital data of individuals and organizations through malicious means to commit cyber crime. To reduce the impact of loss of digital identity and privacy many countries are acting quickly by introducing digital data compliance in form of privacy laws like. Digital personal data protection act in India, GDPR in European Union. The need of the hour is not only to secure the data during processing or transmission but also secure the data at rest either structured or unstructured form of data to comply with the legal regulatory compliances. Data Foresight assist companies to comply with data protection and privacy framework with its product features like masking and deleting the content in any form of structured and unstructured data across the organization or their service partners with whom they share their business / customer data to perform their respective business tasks to remain compliant. Compliance Foresight 

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Data Security Challenges

Data Foresight can work on this in two phases

The biggest challenge for organizations is to discover the data at rest and where it is present that can pose the major risk of data breach /leaks and post discovery how to securely patch the data. Data Foresight can work on this in two phases

Our New Agents Model

Agents + Agentless Model

To cater to ever increasing need of data security, we have launched our client server model  and scalable model to ensure the business is covered at all levels.Manage and secure your data in a compliant manner.

Introducing our new Client Server Model

Data Foresight covers both scanner as well as client server model. Scanner version can scan databases (oracle/ sqlserver/ mysql/ mariadb/ postgresql), while agent model can be deployed on systems through group policy.

Smart and Fast solution to meet your data security and privacy compliance requirements.

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