What is DataForesight

Data Flowing at all levels and cross applications calls for multiple layer of security controls to be in place for effective data security. With Personal data protection at a rise and heart of the privacy and regulations, it is to be ensured that solutions should be in place for dealing with regulations and security of personal data.

Discover the sensitive data across cloud , desktops. laptops , endpoints , storage, databases , mails , documents 

Scan your sensitive data across the infrastructure based on business logic and data security categorisation as PII or SPII. Scan your AADHAR and other senstive data 

Secure your data by securely patching the data in terms of data masking at the source.

Secure your sensitive data at enterprise level, Banks and Financial institutions across the border

Our New Agents Model

Agents + Agentless Model

To cater to ever increasing need of data security, we have launched our client server model  and scalable model to ensure the business is covered at all levels.

Manage and secure your data in a compliant manner

DataForesight covers both scanner as well as client server model. Scanner version can scan databases (oracle/ sqlserver/ mysql/ mariadb/ postgresql), while agent model can be deployed on systems through group policy.

We are building a great solution for Compliance

We have been inventing fast and bring the solution to meet your compliance requirements. Our solution completely based on AI / Regex mapping and ability of business notifications for the system to work makes it a perfect solution for compliance as PCIDS, GDPR or country specific data protection bill.

Explore all the features

The solutions has loads of features to explore. Some of the features listed below

Schedule Scans , On Demand Scans

Track your data compliance

Automated compliance reports

Integrations with SIEM , GRC, Ticketing Systems

Patch your data at the source 

Mail Notifications , API Keys , User level Controls

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